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King Seed Brand Corn Hybrids      Agrisure® Traits

2220GT   82 Day RM    Profile2220-2015.pdf

3501GTCBLL  85 Day RM   Profile3501-2015.pdf    SOLD OUT

3880GT  88 Day RM    Profile3880GT-2015.pdf

4010GTCBLL    4010-3000GT    91 Day RM   Profile4010-2015.pdf

4505GT  93 Day RM     Profile4505-2015.pdf       

4600GTCBLL    4600-3000GT   93 Day RM   Profile4600-2015.pdf

4640-3010A  94 Day RM       Profile4640.pdf

5500-3111  95 Day RM      Profile5500-2015.pdf

5650-3000GT    96 Day RM    Profile5650-2015.pdf

5800-3010A     5800-3011A   98 Day RM     Profile5800-2015.pdf

6200-3000GT   100 Day RM   Profile6200-2015.pdf

6440GTA  101 Day RM     Profile6440-2015.pdf      

6707GT   6707-3000GT   103 Day RM    Profile6707-2015.pdf

6800GT   6800-3000GT   6800-3122EZ   104 Day RM    Profile6800-2015.pdf   

7106-3111   106 Day RM   Profile7106-3111.pdf          NEW

7202GT   106 Day RM        Profile7202-2015.pdf    SOLD OUT

7808-3111   108 Day RM   Profile7808-3111.pdf         NEW

8111GT  8111-3000GT    110 Day RM    Profile8111-2015.pdf

Corn Seed Treatment:   CruiserMaxx® 250        

America's Alfalfa®    

455TQ RR      455TQRR2014.jpg

480 HVXRR 

427TQ    AS_427TQ.pdf

King Seed Brand Hybrid Forage Sorghum & Sorghum Sudangrass

Forager 55  Medium early, large grain heads  ProfileForager55.pdf
Forager 60  Later maturing, tall forage sorghum. 6 - 7 ft tall   ProfileForage60.pdf
Tastee BMR  Brown Midrib characteristics   ProfileTastee.pdf                 
Sweeter 'N Honey  Conventional sorghum sudangrass. Hay or grazing.   ProfileSwnHoney.pdf
X-Tender  High tonnage yields, tall leafy hybrid, drought tolerance.   ProfileX-Tender.pdf

King Seed Brand Hybrid Grain Sorghum
Rustler  Early maturing, red seeded. Bloom date approximately 55 days.   Profile_Rustler.pdf
Pronto   Early maturing, white seeded. Bloom date approximately 60 days.   Profile_Pronto.pdf 

Hybrid Pearl Millet

Savory BMR  High level of palatability, good regrowth and high tillering capacity make Savory BMR an excellent choice for grazing or hay.     Savory_BMR.pdf
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